How To Lower Your Electric Bill
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How To Lower Your Electric Bill

Electric bills are outrageous, we all know that. After moving into our new apartment, my fiancee and I discovered a few easy things that will literally screech your electric meter to a halt. You can even test the results and see for yourself right this second! Do this: Locate your electric meter - what the electric company is supposed to read every month. Start turning things off that you don't need! You won't believe the difference flipping a few switches can make to your monthly electric bill. Why waste your hard-earned money when you don't have to, right? How will you know it's working? Because you can physically see the results by looking at your meter. The faster it's spinning, the more electricity you're using which means the more money you're spending. The slower it's spinning, the more money you're saving. Some things are unavoidable - clothes dryers take a lot of energy, that's just a fact. Clothes lines are a nice idea, but it's kind of hard to dry your clothes in the backyard when it's snowing outside. But there are a lot of other things you can do that will reduce your family's spending on electricity. Here's just a few to get you started.

1. Turn Off Your Water Heater

I know this is kind of weird, but a guy in our apartment complex recommended we do this. We save anywhere from $30 to $50 per month by killing the water heater's breaker switch when we aren't using hot water. When you're ready to take a hot shower or do the dishes or whatever, turn the water heater back on. In our one-bedroom apartment it takes about 20 minutes for the water to heat up for a shower.

2. Use Power Strips

Almost everything - computers, printers, modems, scanners, stereos, DVD players, televisions, etc. - draws an idle electrical current even after you turn it off. Some things still draw the same amount of power even when they're turned off. Sounds ridiculous? Test it yourself. Unplug all your idle computer, televisions, stereos, etc. and see how much slower your meter turns. To solve this, the device needs to be physically unplugged from the wall. But unplugging all of your stuff when you're leaving the house or going to bed is really annoying. This is where the power strips come in. Using a power strip allows multiple devices to be plugged into one strip. Rather than having to unplug twenty different devices, you only need to unplug one or two power strips! This makes saving money a lot easier. Get in the habit of unplugging your power strips when you leave the house or go to sleep. Unless, of course, you've got something important like a breathing machine going on.

3. Keep Your Electric Company On A Tight Leash

Call your electric company and make sure you aren't signed up for an "average" billing plan. Something a lot of companies are doing now is billing us an "average" instead of billing us for our actual electricity use. Why is this good? It's supposed to save you money. Why is this bad? Because it stops us from saving ourselves money by not using as much electricity. So make sure your hard work isn't going down the toilet. Make sure your electric company is billing you each month for the actual electricity your house has used, instead of some random "average." Electric companies are scared. They're scared that too many of us are fed up with their outrageous prices, monopolized market and refusal to invest in cheaper energy. Ultimately they do not want us to be self-reliant. If everyone removes themselves from their power grid, the electric companies won't have any more billion-dollar profits. Do yourself a favor and invest in your own energy. Wind, solar, bio-mass, geothermal. If you really want to save a bundle on electricity, make your own! And it's not as difficult as you might think. ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Johnathan Rapp has raised thousands of dollars to fight electric companies fraudulent business practices, and has helped return millions of dollars to consumers.

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Comments (8)

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Dude I have no idea what the hell you are talking about, but count me in.

Great ideas!

the power strip is a great idea!

Good tips. Must as well start working on my own energy-generating or saving devices.

Save Electric

Good tips - Some more that can really help:

1. Turn off the heated dry setting on your dishwasher.

2. Turn on the power save modes for your computer - we set ours to hibernate after 30 minutes of inactivity.

3. Replace your lights with CFLs.

We have been able to reduce our energy usage by over 40% the last couple of years. With the way electric rates are rising, we may have to reduce even further.

power company

Lower your Electric pricing with lower electricity rates

I believe that reducing the unnecessary use of appliances is still the best way to reduce the electric bill. In addition, we should always unplug unused appliances within our home because even if the appliance is turned off but its plugged in, it still consumes electricity. Thank you for sharing this informative article. Keep it up! Goodluck, voted and shared.